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In our world today, there is an ever increasing reality of depleting potable water resources which has required increased implementation and use of reclaimed waste water in increasing amounts for irrigation use.  However, in many cases there are a number of harmful chemical issues which are brought into play when this type of water has to be utilized:

  1. It is often high in Sodium Salts, which poison the soil and damages plants
  2. It is often high in Bicarbonates, sealing upper layers of soil, hindering water penetration
  3. It is usually high in pH, preventing nutrients from becoming soluble and utilized by plant
BENEFITS of using sulfuric acid or a sulfuric based fertilizer to treat reclaimed waste water are numerous as well as cost efficient are (but not limited to) -
  1. It hinders scale build-up in irrigation systems AND dissolves existing, accumulated scale
  2. Opens up the soil to aid water percolation
  3. Lowers pH to aid in nutrient absorption
  4. Aids in leaching sodium from the soil                                   

For more global information on the decrease of available potable water, click onto the link below:

World Aquifer Depletion Report 2011

AQUASOIL SS, LLC is proud to announce it's exclusive distribution agreement with WERECON, the original innovator, developer and manufacturer of the Acid Injection System for Water System pH control over 20 years ago, with custom updated integrated system and software upgrades which control as well as guarantee the industry's highest accuracy for most consistent delivery of pH adjusted water for high volume irrigation on the market today.

Werecon systems are manufactured to the highest quality standards in the U.S. for durability, ease of use and accuracy.  This makes them very cost efficient and highly effective, assisting in consistently delivering high quality, correct pH water for your crops with appropriate bi-carbonate levels, giving the opportunity to assess the potential to lower water and fertilizer use over time.  It will also assist in stabilizing and lowering soil pH within a short period of time when properly applied.

  • LOWER Water pH
  • REDUCE High Bicarbonate Levels
  • REDUCE Sodium Levels
  • STABILIZE Irrigation Water Quality

     WERECON SYSTEMS Introduction

    WERECON - Scorpion GS6 ACID INJECTION SYSTEM (with technical info)





Fertigation systems are machines which inject fertilizer into the irrigation system at the point where water enters the system; usually at the pumping station or vacuum breaker at the head end of the system.  Because of the concentration of the fertilizers being used and the small doses needed, these systems need to be highly accurate and offer repeatable performance.  Crop and Turf managers can benefit from the use of fertigation in many ways, including: Reduced labor, wasted water and fertilizer; less interference with play (on golf courses) and more consistent crop and/or turf quality.



To demonstrate this benefit, we believe a picture (or two) is worth a thousand wordsThe pictures above were taken of a new golf course which had just been recently seeded.  Both pictures were taken while standing in the same spot at two different angles to show the different holes.   Layout of the golf course required that there had to be two different irrigation systems.  One was for the upper holes, and one for the lower holes.  Due to ongoing construction delays and a lack of electricity at one site, we were only able to install the fertigation system on one of the irrigation systems.  Both holes were sprigged with Sea Isle 2000 Paspallum seed close to the same time. 

The hole in the picture on the left had no fertigation, while the hole in the picture on the right did.  You can clearly see the difference between the two.  The hole on the left is only showing 50-60% coverage and is still very much in a grow-in mode, while the hole on the right looks as if it is virtually ready for golfers.

Fertigation cannot be used in all instances to fertilize all things, but as a baseline nutrient package, it does save a considerable amount of labor, freeing up valuable time for maintenance people to work on other projects.  This also does not interrupt usage of a facility as granular applications often will.  In addition, it does not need to be "watered in", saving unnecessary over-watering caused by granular applications.


  • Fertigation can save you money and will give you much healthier plants year round.  
  • Your Fertigation System includes bulk storage tanks from 227L-3785L to store liquid fertilizer.
  • The system will consume liquid fertilizers based on your water usage.
  • Liquid Fertilizers cost from $1.50 to $8.00 per liter, or more.
  • Your System may use from 2 - 500L of fertilizer per million liters of water used.
  • The system should only be used with actual liquid fertilizers (no solubles or granulars, etc.) 
  • When you are not using your system, you should fill your tanks with water to keep your system clean.
  • Tanks should always be rinsed between fillings when different materials are used.
  • Liquid fertilizers should not be blended by customers.
  • Some of our pumps require an annual oil change.
  • Liquid fertilizer in the water in the small amounts injected does not pose ansignificant health risk to people or animals, however, people and animals should not drink treated water on a regular basis.
  • Fertilizer treated water will not stain paths or walls.
  • Fertilizer should be injected continuously at low rates rather than turned on and off at high rates
  • Maintenance/repair can be obtained through WERECON.

MICRO FERTIGATION: the concept of applying micro amounts of liquid fertilizer nutrients with each irrigation over the course of the entire growing season.  This can lower your irrigation requirements by as much as 50-70%, as well as liquid fertilizers by up to 50% or more, while increasing crop yields significantly.  GROW MORE ~ WITH LESS!


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