Liquid Fertilizers & Penetrants

AQUASOIL SS offers one of the most extensive line of proprietary formula MAXIMUM CONCENTRATE "Liquid Fertilizers" ever developed.  These products (NPK, Humic Acids + Micronutrients & Penetrants) provide maximum impact & results on virtually every type of crop, turf, ornamental, golf course, sports field or other applications; in any type of soil.  

Manufactured in the U.S. to the highest quality and government regulatory standards; with 30+ years of R&D, extensive lab & field tests (including USDA), n
o other products can outperform the AQUASOIL SS line of Proprietary Formula Liquid Fertilizers & its signature penetrant to increase yields, soil/root/plant health, balance soils, penetrate & loosen difficult soils, leach salts from root zones, reduce harmful nematodes, increase nutrient & micro-nutrient uptake as well as increase cation transfer.   With proven proprietary custom formulations, from humic acids, basic nutrients, to complexed micro-nutrients & penetrant combinations, GET RESULTS with INCREASE YIELDS & healthier, balanced soil. 

All of this is accomplished from proper soil & water analysis for each crop for their soil, with appropriate product program development & implementation for best possible results.
     SAVE UP TO 50-70% of Irrigation Water Use via Micro-Fertigation Techniques! 

Good results are not too difficult - BEST results take a little extra knowledge, time & effort. 


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Your Soil? 

Watering with high sodium reclaimed waste water?  Try
PENMAX to assist in draining excess salts-sodium from your soil (LIQUID FERTILIZER PRODUCT LINE) when used in tandem with LIQUA JIP to loosen salt crystals from clay particles. 

AquaSoil SS products to be used for application are determined through soil & irrigation water testing & analysis, as appropriate product application creates superior, drought-resistant root systems which can more efficiently assimilate nutrients & micro-nutrients in the soil, resulting in higher yields and better plant health; for all types of grasses, plants, trees and crops.


Our ENHANCE Humic Acid product line is PROVEN in USDA testing to CONTROL & REDUCE parasitic


PENMAXTM Penetrant          Technical Info 
Applications/Test Results
              With/Without TEST COMPARISON
                                                      HOW TO USE PENMAX

     ENHANCE THA 12%     Soil Balance INFO
Humic Acid Formula                        Technical INFO
                                                             USDA STUDY
                                                       HOW TO USE ENHANCE

      LIQUA-JIP                         GRAPH 
                                                                                           HOW TO USE LIQUA-JIP

ENHANCE Plus 15% (Humic Acid Formula)              CLICK HERE
ENHANCE Plus MSDS (Humic Acid Formula)             CLICK HERE

      BLEND GREEN UP 10-10-10
(w/micronutrients)     CLICK HERE
                                                                                  HOW TO USE GREEN UP

GOLD LABEL PHOSPHATE BOOSTER 9-30-0      CLICK HERE   (Our High Performance 10-34-00)
                                                                                  HOW TO USE PHOSPHATE BOOSTER

      GOLD LABEL Phosphate Booster 9-30-0 + TE   CLICK HERE

GENERAL CROP MIX                                            CLICK HERE

     NUTRAMIX 2-32-25
                                                   CLICK HERE

      NUTRAMIX 0-28-25                                            CLICK HERE

     NUTRAPLEX GRAPE MIX #1                                CLICK HERE

     HUMIPLEX TOMATO MIX #1                                 

NITRO-POTASSIO 6-0-15                                          CLICK HERE

HUMIPLUS CROP ENHANCER                                     CLICK HERE

GOLD LABEL REACT                                                      CLICK HERE

NUTRAPLEX 2% BORON                                     CLICK HERE

      TUF-CELL                                                              CLICK HERE
       For Additional Proprietary Formulas                               CLICK HERE

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